Certification & Recertification



ASQ Quality Exam Information & Dates

ASQ Exam Dates for:


is: October 5 - 21, 2018

The Application Deadline is: September 7, 2018


ASQ Exam Dates for:


is: November 2 - 18, 2018

The Application Deadline is: October 5, 2018

 For more information concerning testing contact:


The location for the ASQ SECTION 711 Certification Exams:

"This is now an Online System conducted at a Prometric Test Center"

Please visit: http://asq.org/cbt/ 

Benefits to our Members

  • An increase in annual exam administrations from two to six
  • The availability of days in which to take the exams, increasing from four per year to 102
  • The convenience of retesting, reducing time from 6 months to 2
  • An increased number of testing locations, from 350 to 8,000
  • And faster test results, from 10 days to 0-4



Exam Dates  

October 5 - 21, 2018


November 2 - 18, 2018



**The Next Upcoming Test Dates: December 1 - 17, 2018**
The Application Deadline for these dates is: November 2, 2018


Types of certifications offered by ASQ: 

Biomedical Auditor Certification - CBA

Calibration Technician Certification - CCT

HACCP Auditor Certification - CHA

Lean Certification (SME/AME/Shingo Institute/ASQ Partnership)

Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification - CMQ/OE

Master Black Belt - MBB 

Pharmaceutical GMP Professional Certification - CPGP

Quality Auditor Certification - CQA

Quality Engineer Certification - CQE

Quality Improvement Associate Certification - CQIA

Quality Inspector Certification - CQI

Quality Process Analyst Certification - CQPA

Quality Technician Certification - CQT

Reliability Engineer Certification - CRE

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - CSSBB

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - CSSGB

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification - CSSYB

Software Quality Engineer Certification - CSQE

To Help You: 

To Find the Certification That’s Right for You
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Go to: http://www.asq.org/training-and-certification.html



Recertification Instructions

To re-certify, you may mail paper copies- your journal, supporting documentation and ASQ payment to: 

Toni (Lucero) Aurelio

19069 Van Buren Blvd., Ste 114-453

Riverside, CA 92508


or submit application via email to: toni.lucero@yahoo.com  , Subject: ASQ Recertification

 It would be very helpful, to include the following:

1.  Label the documentation with the applicable category
2.  A copy of the journal pages for the applicable categories, listing the activities the submitted documentation supports
3.  Payment to ASQ
4.  A number you can be reached at during the day

I will mail your original journal application page and check, to ASQ Headquarters.  ASQ will send you a new journal and updated certification.  I will notify you when I have mailed your approved recertification, so you can watch for the package from ASQ.

If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Toni (Lucero) Aurelio

Phone number: 626.318.1396 



Subject: ASQ Recertification

ASQ 711 Recertification Chair