June 17 2020 Webinar

June 17, 2020
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Topic: Quality Statistical Tools Presented by LARRY BARTKUS
Presentation will cover some of the more useful tools for the Quality professional. The talk will cover three significant topics:
1) The Binomial Distribution and OC Curves. We will look at how a statistical statement can be made based on the results of our sampling, inspection
and test. We will review the value of OC curves routine found for our sampling plan and what the risks are relating to our findings.
2) Confidence Limits & Confidence Levels. Using data we will derive what the actual process is capable of achieving in regards to either measurements or ability to meet specification. The concept of what we usually call “95, 99 or 95, 90” will be explained in simple and meaningful terms.
3) Hypothesis Testing. When we need to compare two or more groups or sets of data, the various hypothesis tests can be quite useful to the Quality
professional. We will review when to use the right test for evaluating our data. It can be confusing at times with the choices of One-proportion, Two-
proportion, Chi Square, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), One-sample t, 2- sample t, Paired t or z-test. We will sort all of that out using a simple matrix
of Hypothesis tests. By the end of the session participants should walk away with a good understanding of these the tools that are available and most importantly how to apply them. Examples in Minitab will be utilized to demonstrate how to interpret the results of the various tests.


Larry Bartkus was named ASQ Biomedical SCDG Speaker of the Year three times for his informative and always humorous presentations. Larry was recently named as Fellow in ASQ. He is retired and was Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Business Excellence Systems for Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine. He is a Certified Quality Engineer and Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over forty-five years’ experience in the Quality profession. He holds a degree in Chemistry from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Larry has been guest speaker at the Society of Plastic Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Statistical Association, APICS, OCRA, and ASQ. Larry has lectured at 12 different colleges and universities. He is a past Chairmen of ASQ Section 702 and has served on the Executive Board for over twenty-five years. Larry has also served on the Leadership & Executive Committee for the Orange County /Long Beach Chapter of the American Statistical Association for the last five years. He has been an instructor for several Refresher Courses including CQE, CQI, CBA and CQM. Larry has conducted seminars in Process Control, Statistical Sampling, and Intro to Six Sigma, Lean, and Design of Experiments.

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